Style transfer with a Google Colab Notebook and cloud GPU

Photo by Kaushik Panchal on Unsplash

No fancy GPU processor? No time to leave your machine crunching for endless hours on a single machine learning task? Problems installing the endless dependencies your model requires? No problem.

Google Colab Notebooks are Jupyter Notebooks that run in the browser, using $10/month cloud GPU infrastructure from Google. …

Train a machine learning model using TensorFlow and DeepLab to perform image segmentation and separate your chosen subject from its background in any photo

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This tutorial covers how to set up DeepLab within TensorFlow to train your own machine learning model, with a focus on separating humans from the background of a photograph in order to perform background replacement—also known as image segmentation.

TLDR: Download the course material for: Visual Machine Learning, Machine Learning in Writing and Speech, and Machine Learning in Audio/Music.

Goals for this course material

I recently taught a series of workshops on Machine Learning at Pacific Northwest College of the Art’s Make+Think+Code program, and thought I’d make my course materials available online, with 3…

Mike Heavers

Freelance Creative Coder

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